michelle feldman

michelle feldmanA Texas transplant who has dabbled in writing, singing, web development, and working for evil monopolists, Michelle co-wrote and produced The Merry Swinger Show (2004) and lovesick (2005), among other works. In 2004, she was the house manager and tech for the DP Veterans Series and the assistant curator of Warning: Not for Broadway,which she curated and produced in 2005 and 2006. She is the current co-curator of the 2009 Project Footlight festival and is the supervisor of this mess of busy-ness known as Abby.


james jannucci

A composer-lyricist, his projects include Perfume (All Seasons Theatre Company), The Merry Swinger Show (Dixon Place), lovesick (Dixon Place), and An Unordinary Mass. He studied composition at Columbia University and the Aaron Copland School of Music, CUNY, and has taught classes in musical theater writing to middle and high school students. James is the co-curator of the 2009 Project Footlight festival.