about us

Project Footlight was born years ago when Michelle Feldman & James Jannucci realized there were not many opportunities for emerging musical theater writers to congregate, find partners and projects, and meet directors outside of the academic environment. The website has existed in development since 2004, waiting for social networking tools to mature. We created a facebook group for NYC musical theater writers in 2007 and found the right social network tool in the form of Ning. In 2008, we joined the online social network with a physical outgrowth for that community in the form a festival.

the festival

The Project Footlight festival is a camp for emerging musical theater writers that focuses on the developmental process and the art of collaboration. The festival asks participating artists how we unify a work across a collection of different artistic perspectives while always keeping the audience in mind. We especially encourage those composers or writers from other genres and those pushing the boundaries of musical theater to apply. In keeping with the laboratory environment of Dixon Place, Project Footlight seeks to attract and cultivate new voices in musical theater while sponsoring a unique work of art.

warning: not for broadway

WNFB was an annual festival that functioned like a laboratory for experiments in musical theater and opera works. Richard S. Bach, a Dixon Place board member, initiated the festival in 2001 to open doors to emerging and established musical theatre creators trying out unconventional pieces. "WARNING: Not for Broadway" sought new and unusual works that combined story with song; whether the story was non-linear, from a rarely heard voice, about a controversial subject, or the song was all electronica, hip-hop, or even barber-shop quartet. WNFB took a hiatus from 2007-8 while Dixon Place completed its new theater on Chrystie Street. As the theater has emerged, so has a new musical theater festival, one whose very form is an experiment.